Gold and Silver are NOT Money or are They?

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Does gold and silver make sense in the world that we live in today?

The “talking heads” on TV will inform you that they are NOT money. They will tell  you that gold and silver are outdated. They tell everyone that gold and silver have been depressed for a reason, and the talk just keeps on going.

If however, you truly understand the reason for precious metals performance over the previous 2-3 years, you can and will start to see a totally various photo – and – recognize that the “talking heads” are essentially loaded with CRAP, thats right dog shit!.

The Historic Approach to gold.

Precious metals have been and all ways will be REAL money since biblical times we have known this, we all know that. With a 3000+ year history of having value, why would any rational person (or government for that matter) think that the 21st century is ANY different? Well its not?  And for a good lesson on United States history I suggest that you go and read Glenn Beck’s new book: Miracles and Massacres, soon to be a New York Times Best Seller. This book will out sell every other book that its going up against.

The truth is that EVERY currency today is a “fiat” currency, thats right you read that correctly, A FIAT CURRENCY aka fake, made up, printed on worthless paper. Exactly what this means for our own US dollar (currency) is backed by the “great faith and credit” of our government. In the 21st century, so exactly how well does that sit with YOU and your family, I can tell you that my stomach turns in nots just thinking about it?. I have to quick think of something else just so I don’t get sick, blhaaaa!

So the basic reality is, if (and when, because it will happen) people lose all self confidence in our govt,  the value of our paper dollar will suffer.

The most well-known (current) collapse of currency was in Germany in the 1920’s. The outcome? Best look into United States coin values as well.

Hyperinflation happens when all self-confidence in the currency is lost. The result is quickly increasing prices. In the case of Germany’s Weimar Republic, costs doubled TWICE a week (every 3.5 days).

That condition can not last long – and it didn’t. Individuals screamed for a “hero” – and one rose (from the sewers)… his name? Adolph Hitler..

The rest as they say is history. Forget what Hitler did to the remainder of the earth, look at what he had “accomplished” for his own individuals by 1945..

Did individuals “save” themselves prior to run-away inflation?

Yes! Some did, they traded in their Reichmarks (German Currency) for Swiss Francs, Best Collectable Coins (or an additional stable currency). That worked then..

Will it work now, only time will tell?.

ALL currencies are “fiat” today, and the danger of worldwide currency collapse has never been higher. So what do we do? Any ideas? Well here is an option?. Gold and silver are your finest bet for cash that truly has REAL value..

Disregard the recent decline in gold and silver. It is merely the outcome of manipulation in exactly what is called the “paper” market … and control of the kind happening today can not continue indefinitely..

Below is the crucial point to consider: When gold and silver do turn – they will likely do so rapidly. You’ll have missed out on the best chance of your lifetime to jump in and secure your assets when that takes place.coin-collecting

The “speaking heads” on TV will inform you that gold and silver are NOT cash. They inform you that gold and silver are dated. The truth is that EVERY currency today is a “fiat” currency, and its best to get access to a Free Coin Dealer Newsletter. Some did, they traded in their Reichmarks (German Currency) for Swiss Francs (or another stable currency). ALL currencies are “fiat” today, and the danger of worldwide currency collapse has actually never ever been higher, the sky will fall, and you can count on that.

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Tattoos, like Gold and Silver Coins – They are For Life

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Tattoo art has been around for as long as gold and silver have been used as money, probably longer. Tatts as some people call them, are done sometimes as an expression of personal feeling, others get inked just because it looks cool or they have friends that have them also. What ever the case good tattoo designs are a must! Why you ask, well because they are for life, like precious metals they are not going anywhere fast.

Some of the best tattoo designs that I have seen, have been of organic art. This style is free flowing like liquid metal and water, forever changing. Believe it or not I have also had the pleasure of seeing some crazy free tattoo designs from a friend of mine who was an avid coin collector. He had a stack of coins on his leg like scrooge Mc Duck!! now I don’t recumbent going that far, but if you make a conscience decision and really think about what you want to get inked on your body that you will be better off. – body art –

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Silver Investing In 2008, Up or Down?

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Silver Investing

In the “Commodities Decade,” Silver ruled as an Investment Strategy for the most part.
An Investment Report From the a metals Research Team

It’s not considered as ornamental as various other “rare-earth elements, diamonds are the first thing to come to mind” It’s certainly not as fascinating, and it’s a heck of a lot less costly than its cousin from another mother, GOLD. Despite all that craziness, silver is doing quite well for itself.

Just like any property class, there are pockets of investments within that course that provide investors with much better chances, both in terms of security and in potential ROI or return on investment. And that’s why the study analysts at Investment created reports on silver mining – your finest chance for sparkling returns in the precious metals market, go silver or go home, is what i always say.

How Silver Stacks Up to its big more expensive brother… Gold.

While the vast majority of investors now know gold’s strength over the previous couple of years, few know that while gold has doubled in cost considering that 2001, silver has actually done even much better. Click here to see some american coins. In reality, it has a five-year gain of about 123%. Much better still, if both silver and gold play out as some expects predict, and will than reach new all time high’s.

Gold is at about $556 an oz. It needs another 30% push to previously hitting its record high of $854 in January 1980. However silver is simply 1/5 of the way towards its record level. Trading at about $10.20 an ounce, silver would need to run upto $49.51 an oz prior to striking that number.

To be sure, the giant leap forward in silver and gold rates is due to speculation. In fact, there’s been a 400 % increase in the net investment in silver, thanks in large measure to hedge fund activity and product trading on the futures exchanges, according to Michael Checkan, president of Asset Strategies International in Rockville, Md., a commodities broker.

The appeal of silver has actually escalated for various other fundamental reasons that might make the cost an extremely attractive buy for investors.

While Historical Demand Declines, New Innovations Ratchet Up the Need Elsewhere …

Recently, three of the biggest locations of demand for silver have actually provided considerable decline. Better innovation has actually enhanced the efficiency in producing jewelry and silverware, therefore minimizing need by virtually 10 %. Similarly, the advent of digital photography has led to a sharp decline for the traditional use of silver in photography.

It’s for that reason somewhat unexpected to find out that the general requirement for silver has increased – up 5 % this year alone in industrial need. Specifically, in the electronic devices sector, the need is up 14 %, while the coin and medal fabrication business has pushed demand up 15 %. Even more surprising, the same digital technology that’s cutting into silver’s energy in one aspect of photography, is also responsible for an increase in silver need in another part of the formula – the creation of the elements of digital cameras.

Supply is Dwindling.

Particularly, the supply of recoverable silver (or silver reclaimed from recycled end products) is decreasing, therefore not fulfilling need. Further, even when you combine newly mined silver with recuperated silver from scrap, the total amount has been down for 16 years running.

Declaring the suspicious title of leader in decreasing silver reclamation is China – down a massive 30 % from the previous year. Worse, last summer season the Chinese government revealed that it had actually depleted its stocks of silver. What does this mean on a world-use scale? Well, it means that the Chinese will be in competition with the United States (8th on the supply manufacturing list) for silver.

The bottom line is this: Supply and demand screams financial investment opportunities in silver mining.

It’s everything about the Commodities this time.

So you’ve got greater needs for silver and decreasing supplies. What more could any investor desire, really?

How about global, political instability anyone? As the world continues down a shaky path towards greater and greater turmoil, the duty of precious metals as a measure of currency security expands.

Iran, the world’s 2nd biggest oil and gas manufacturer, is becoming a growing number of bellicose in its position regarding its right to enhance uranium. May want to its needs not be met, Iran is threatening to cut its energy manufacturing significantly.
Iraq is unsteady, to state the least.
Hamas is running the Palestinian Territories.

Present-day world conflicts and financial question marks consider also, such as …

In the USA, terrorism and Bird Flu have actually become a long-term fixation for the distressing classes. Printing of paper money is also out of control
As for the economy … not so great, we own China a shit load. Financial obligation, financial obligation and more financial obligation, is deteriorating consumer self-confidence and the U.S. dollar. That makes Wall Street jitters more extensive. And the marketplace has become more unstable since January.

The last time this country, and the world for that matter, experienced similar financial and political unpredictability, the rivalry and all of its repercussions were in complete impact. The Soviet Union was still merged, and American athletes were canceling their bookings to the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.
President Jimmy Carter presided over political unpredictability, manned the helm as oil costs skyrocketed and the Consumer Price Index that surged 13% in just one year, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Could Silver Be The Rarest Metal on Earth?

Written on October 29, 2013 at 3:08 am, by gold silver

Could silver be the rarest metal ever?

Those who keep up with business information will have no doubt reviewed about the current developments in the category of minerals known as uncommon earth elements (REE’s). Do not fret, this is not a technical conversation and this will probably be the only time I compose about uncommon earth aspects.

Really, these minerals are not all that rare, in the strictest sense of the word. The first rare earth mineral was found around 1800, in a town in Sweden called Ytterby, and several REE’s are named after that town. Up until about 1950, most uncommon earth manufacturing came from India and Brazil.

This sent out the rate of unusual earth elements soaring by hundreds of percent, prompting a world-wide effort to ramp up production and bring more to the market. It can take years to develop a mine and begin production, safety is number one and that takes time. In the meantime, industrial customers should compete for available materials by bidding up the price, this is business as usual.

Silver shares lots of qualities with the unusual earth elements and there is a lot to learn from them in our analysis of silver. The function of this short article is to make the case that silver is the rarest of all the unusual earth elements. A quick fact: Silver is the most used metal in industry! Silver is in your iPhone and your TV and the computer I am using to write this, not to mention tons of other things. There is also more silver sold on ETFs or paper silver than is mined! So if everyone that had paper silver wanted to call it in and hold it, there would not be enough to go around! Think about that for a moment…

One of the typical characteristics between silver and the unusual earth elements is that numerous REE’s are mined in combination with various other minerals, the same as silver with its result mining profile. Silver production from China is nowhere near 97 % of world production, as it is in the rare earth elements, but it still is considerable. Ought to any major silver producing nation greatly limit the export of silver, the rate would soar.

The chemical homes of silver and uncommon earth aspects are generally distinct in the specialized industrial applications which mandate their use. Usually, the usage of silver and uncommon earth elements is price-inelastic, implying greatly increasing rates of each do little to discourage usage, due to the lack of alternatives.

Where do I get off with the statement that silver is the rarest earth metal of them all? This point is the easiest of all to make and need to prompt you to hurry out to purchase silver instantly. What separates silver from the REE’s is the one stark aspect which is one-of-a-kind to just silver. You can in fact hold and buy silver in its purest elemental form, unlike various other rare earth elements. Attempt calling some dealership to purchase pure yttrium, or promethium or gadolinium. And if by some miracle you can discover somebody to buy from, attempt to picture exactly how you could possibly sell or figure out a reasonable cost?

Things that separates silver from all various other REE’s is that you can invest in it straight. Sure, you can buy stocks in business that mine silver or REE’s, but just silver has the dual function of basic investment property and industrial material. That’s exactly what makes silver the rarest of the uncommon. What separates silver from any other natural deposit is hundreds of years of primitive attraction, held by guy as a kind of wealth, and at the same time a vital and strategic industrial product essential to modern-day life. It’s just not useful for the typical investor to buy a pound of an unusual earth, a barrel of oil, or a bushel of corn for financial investment functions. I expect you could make a case about buying platinum or palladium, both very important industrial metals used in todays industry, but there has never been any evidence at all of a world wide rush to own these metals as there has actually been for silver or more like silver coins. Buying or offering an ounce or a pound of real 99.9 pure silver is as simple as falling off a log. The United States Mint sells Silver Eagles by the millions of ounces each and every month. And while many investors lean towards gold, it does not have the investment property / industrial material dual use that is so unique to silver. That’s what makes silver so unusual and my best pick for the rarest metal on earth. You may also want to check out this price of gold chart.

The fantastic thing is exactly how few of the world’s possible investors appreciate the uniqueness of silver’s uncommon dual function. Just a couple of decades back, silver was in common coinage. Exactly how numerous individuals understand that world silver stockpiles are down 90 % since 1940?

It appears preposterous that a material like silver, which the usual man held in his pocket for bus fare or a newspaper could somehow change itself into an unusual product about to become part of an extensive shortage. That lack is virtually assured by silver’s one-of-a-kind dual function. The coming rush into silver by investors seeking profits and industrial users wanting to stock an essential manufacturing element makes a shortage almost certain. There is no way manufacturing can ramp up nearly as quickly as the integrated force of financial investment and user need.

For all intents and purposes, silver has been the very best financial investment over the previous years. Those investors who researched the truths fairly and bought silver, have enjoyed multiples of their initial financial investment. Silver will likely be the very best financial investment of the next years also. Those who research the truths and act upon them by buying silver will be generously rewarded. There is no chance anyone can turn the clock back to single digit silver. Those days are long gone. But in some means, the more exciting time lies ahead.

10 years ago, it was difficult to encourage people to buy silver. Silver was under $5, gold under $300, and the term rare earth was mostly unknown. Even though silver was in a deficit usage pattern, there was little interest in buying it as a financial investment.

Today, things are various. Natural deposits are more commonly appreciated, due to blossoming world populaces and the growth in living requirements. Now it is a question of which natural resource will experience the next supply and demand crunch, as opposed to will there be any crunches.

In the last decade, silver rose due to the increasing effect of a 60 year deficit and the start of net investment need. This decade, it will be financial investment need driving silver higher, along with the end of the brief selling control. Thanks to fantastic rate efficiency, more investors will be drawn to silver.

The investment streams into silver, compared to any various other financial investment course, have been small. The amount of real silver readily available for financial investment is so little that the small investment flows to date have been adequate to power silver higher. As even more investors end up being conscious of the silver tale, the money coming into silver will just enhance, propelling the rate to levels when thought difficult.

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The Truth behind Rare Coin Collecting

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Rare Coin Collecting

Are you thinking about coin collecting? Have you ever tried gathering rare coins or numismatics?
Today, coin collecting, specifically of those coins that are considered rare, is considered to be one of a few hobbies that are not just a mere activity or leisure activity “Just something to pass the time”. Coin collecting can serve lots of purposes thought about to be typical of this kind of task. Collecting metal rounds is very fulfilling and brings people closer together.

For example: Say you introduce a kid to the joys of coin collecting, you could than spend more quality time teaching history to the youngster!

Because of the way the manufacturers thoroughly inscribe the designs on the surface, coins have long been understood as works of art. Some one has painstakingly carver the negative of the finished product. Coins of a certain country typically depict the history of that nation with the inscription of the design on the coin. Some coins have famous people or places on them.

Uncommon coins that are extremely tough to find are often useful and when discovered can be a good financial investment. According to the U.S. Rare Coin Market, the average cost of $1,000 spent by a specific during the 1970s would be valued at nearly $57,977 today.

What is the trick behind these rare coins that their value remains to increase with age? Do you wan’t to shine them up and make them look brand new? No I would just keep they as they are, other wise you may detract from the value.

Unusual coins were able to preserve even when the economy is unsteady. They have had the ability to stabilize the wealth of the nation by working as ‘inflation fighters.’.

Specialists contend that through these uncommon coins, the financial wealth of a country is sheltered from possible harm by functioning as a financial investment much like ‘gold bullion’. When the value of the paper money continues to diminish, this is applicable during the times.

The rarity of these coins is not constricted by being merely collector’s items however they can likewise be thought about a work of are and just like any work of art, may be valuable.

Uncommon coin collecting is not just like any other pastime. The principle of accumulating such treasures is thought about phenomenal by itself and the monetary value can equal its distinct character.

Rare coins that are very hard to discover are typically useful and when found can be a great financial investment. The unusual coin collection market in the United States has improved their sales in current years from 348 % to 1, 195 %. According to the U.S. Rare Coin Market, the average cost of $1,000 invested by an individual throughout the 1970s would be valued at nearly $57,977 today.

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